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Dear guests,

Warm greetings from Summertime Boutique Hotel & Spa.
We hope that you are safe and healthy.

In light of the impact caused by the COVID-19, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols. Consisting of in-house and outside experts in food and water safety, hygiene and infection prevention, and hotel operations, our Hotel is redefining our cleaning and safety standards. We will actively monitor and evolve our solutions to ensure a continued focus on the health and safety of our guests and staff.

Hotel staff
⦁    All our staff members are trained in COVID-19 seminars and is able to provide information to our guests.
⦁    Screening of symptoms and fever before starting their shift.

Reception desk / check-in and check-out
⦁    It is highly recommended to limit and avoid the long stay and queue at the reception.
⦁    All keys will be disinfected.
⦁    Mandatory extension of duration of check-out and check-in times between stays (check out by 11am and check in from 3pm) so that rooms can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and aired out through natural ventilation.
⦁    Signage and floor markings will be used to remind customers to keep their distance from one another.

Cleaning, disinfection, housekeeping (rooms and public areas)​

⦁    Special enforcement of “high-frequency touch points” such as door handles and elevator knobs.
⦁    Meticulous cleaning and very good room ventilation will take place between stays of our guests.
⦁    The cleaning service, as well as change of sheets, pillowcases and towels will be carried out only upon request of guests to minimize contact.
⦁    We recomment the rooms to have plenty of natural ventilation and to avoid A/C if possible.

Spa services & Gym

⦁          Spa services and gym are open, by appointment.

Swimming pools and other recreational water facilities
⦁    The crowding density in hotel pools is calculated with an index of 5 square meters of water surface per person).
⦁    Physical distancing:

⦁  The layout of seats on swimming pool decks (sunbeds, chairs, sun loungers, etc.) will be such so that the distance between the ends of the seats of two people under two different umbrellas be at least 2 meters in each direction.
⦁  All seats, tables, and any other items will be disinfected daily.

Public areas (outdoor and indoor)
⦁    We recommend avoiding the use of elevators.

There will be an installation of disinfectants at elevator entrances and recommendation for use upon entrance and exit.

There will be a frequent cleaning of elevators especially on “high-frequency touch points” such as handles and knobs.

The number of guests using the elevator will be limited to one each time (except families and couples).
⦁    Signage and floor markings will be used to remind customers to keep their distance from one another.
⦁    Installation of antiseptic solutions (fixed or non-fixed devices) will be placed in all public areas.
⦁    Hotel customers are not required to wear antibacterial face masks

(unless of course they are ill/having a cold or belong to a vulnerable group) during their stay in our hotel.

The safety and security of our guests is our highest priority. We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene and look forward to welcoming you in our hotel soon.

Until then, please stay safe, practice social distancing and stay healthy!

Our kindest regards,
Summertime Boutique Hotel & Spa 
The Management & Personnel


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